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Updated on: March 13, 2024
Department Name
Alabama Department of Corrections
301 S. Ripley Street, P.O. Box 301501, Montgomery, AL
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About Alabama Department of Corrections

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Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) is the organization authorized to manage county and state correctional facilities in Alabama. The agency has its headquarters in Alabama Criminal Justice Center, located in Montgomery.  ADOC runs the most congested prison system all over America. It’s reported that in 2015, the agency held 24,000 prisoners in a correctional facility meant to hold 13,318 inmates. 

The sentencing laws in Alabama are harsher, which has triggered a rise in the prison population. The largest population of prisoners in state and county jails managed by the Alabama Department of Corrections are serving sentences of more than five years. It’s saddening that all through America. ADOC spends the least amount of money per prisoner; meaning prisoner living conditions are substandard. 

The dire conditions of the prisons operated by the Alabama Department of Corrections have caught the attention of government bodies. To improve the quality of prisoners’ life, Governor Bentley proposed the erection of three-faceted prison buildings in 2017. The move will see the construction of more state-of-the-art prisons and renovation of antiquated facilities. The move will also enable Alabama State to shut down old prisons that hold limited prisoners but cost more to maintain.  Sadly, the state legislature is yet to finance Governor Bentley’s initiate of launching new correctional facilities. 

Does Alabama Laws Sentence Prisoners to Death Penalty? 

Alabama is ranked top among the U.S States that have the harshest laws. It’s said that Alabama has placed more criminals on the death penalty than every other State in America. While Alabama’s population is five times lower than Texas’, Alabama has sentenced more criminals to the death penalty than Texas.  There are also cases of innocent people who were sentenced to the death penalty in Alabama.  When searching for an inmate and you don’t find any details about them online, check the inmates’ death rooster to determine if they have been placed on a death sentence.  

How to Search for Inmate in Alabama  

Searching for an inmate in a county or state prison in Alabama doesn’t have to be challenging. There are many trusted inmate search databases to compare. The Alabama Department of Corrections maintains solid relationships with the individuals that run these databases to provide timely and accurate inmate data. That’s to ensure the public gets access to the information they need concerning their loved ones serving jail terms in Alabama State and county prisons. 

The truth is not every correctional facility in Alabama offers inmate data to the public. In fact, some facilities maintain that what happens inside the prison compound should remain there.  For instance, most high-security prisons don’t offer details of their incarcerated prisoners. In case your prisoner is held in high security or military prison, you’ll be required to invest more time and resources to find them. 

If your inmate is locked up in a state correctional facility, you can do a quick doc inmate search through any trusted doc offender locator databases online. The database offers accurate and updated data of any inmate placed in Alabama's state or county prison. 

Searching through the prisoner databases doesn’t guarantee you of finding your inmate’s info. Sometimes, if the prisoner is held in federal prison, you won’t find their data on the Alabama state prisoner lookup. If the prisoner is held in a facility that doesn’t update their inmates’ data online, your doc inmate search will be fruitless. 

What do You need during an Inmate Search? 

You’re only guaranteed success when doing an inmate search if you have the correct info with you. Virtually every authorized inmate search database will require you to know your inmate's first and last names. In some instances, you might have to provide the inmate’s middle name.  

In addition, have the accurate details of the exact date the inmate was born and their ID number.  The ADOC inmate search databases collect data from multiple databases, meaning you might experience inconsistencies while searching for an inmate’s data.  Some complex inmate search databases will request personal details such as the prisoner’s AIS number. 

You can make the doc inmate search easy and smooth if you know where or which prison the inmate is incarcerated. If not, be ready to search through dozens of prison databases throughout Alabama. 

How To Communicate With an Inmate in Any Alabama Correctional Facility 

Once you’ve found an inmate and linked up with them, it’s now time to know and choose the perfect way you’ll be communicating with each other. Different correctional facilities under ADOC offer various ways for the public to communicate with inmates. One popular way inmates communicate with the public is through phone calls. Alabama Department of Corrections has entered into a partnership with CenturyLink to offer a seamless way for inmates to connect and communicate with their friends and loved ones.  

The Alabama Department of Corrections maintains that they will put necessary limitations on phone calls they think will pose a risk to the facility and other prisoners. Most of the calls inmates make to the public are recorded for security purposes. Inmate phone calls are the easiest yet the most expensive ways for inmates to communicate to the public. 

Sending an email is the cheapest way an inmate can communicate with their loved ones. However, emails aren’t reliable because not many people check their emails regularly. Inmates may be forced to wait for days or even weeks before their emails are responded to. Besides, the level of security and limitations placed against sending emails are pretty complicated. In any case, communicating with a loved one through phone calls is the most recommended way. 

Alabama Department of Corrections is on a mission to keep Alabama safe and livable by ensuring proper imprisonment and rehabilitation of everyone caught breaking the Alabama state laws. The urgency has been at the forefront, ensuring that correctional facilities in Alabama meet high security and comfort levels. They are also leading pioneers in ensuring that justice prevails every time an accused individual is being tried before any court of law in Alabama. 

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