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Updated on: May 16, 2024
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Georgia Department of Corrections
7 M L K Jr Drive, Suite 543, Atlanta, GA 30334
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About Georgia Department of Corrections

Use this website for informational purposes only.

The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) is a state-run prison system in the United States. This agency was founded in 1969 and has its headquarters are in Forsyth, Georgia, on the old Tift College site.  

Within the whole of state administration, the Department of Corrections is one of the biggest. It is responsible for a colossal workforce, featuring about10, 500 individuals. These people vary from correctional officers to administrative staff, among many other job descriptions. 

Every year, the department processes and caters to nearly 50,000 inmates. While attending to the rehabilitation and incarceration of the inmates, it adopts a clear set of procedures and rules. These must be adhered to by every state holder to dispense their duties properly while keeping themselves safe.  

The Georgia Department of Corrections makes an effort to provide innovative programs and services to its inmates. This helps the inmates rehabilitate well and leave their ways of crime. Even better, it gives them alternate and legit ways of earning a leave without turning to crime.  

Georgia's Department of Correction principal goal is to have a low re-offender rate. Moreover, it aims at protecting and serving the public by managing offenders and creating a safe and secure environment for inhabitants of the state. On the other hand, with a low re-offender rate, government resources are spent less on rehabilitating chronic criminals. Nonetheless, all inmates under this department’s custody have the right to be treated with decency and respect. 

The Department’s Headquarters 

The GDC is based at Gibson Hall, part of Tift College's State Offices South in Forsyth, Georgia. However, it was housed at Atlanta's James H. "Sloppy" Floyd Veterans Memorial Building until 2009. Under the leadership of Governor Sonny Perdue, the agency's headquarters were relocated to Tift College.  

Tift College's 43-acre (17-hectare) campus is visible from Interstate 75. A portion of the Tift College campus is utilized as the Georgia Corrections Academy, while another portion is the GDC headquarters. 

Georgia Board of Corrections 

The Board of Corrections comprises 19 members, one from each state's congressional districts and five from the general public. All members are appointed to a five-year term by the Governor, subject to the approval of the State Senate. The Body of Corrections is a legislative policy-making board with no legal standing. The Commissioner is in charge of the GDC's institutions and facilities and their operations and administration. 

The Board establishes regulations controlling the behavior and welfare of its staff. This Board is also responsible for the assignment allocations, housing, food, clothing, treatment, punishment, rehabilitation, training, and hospitalization of all convicts who come into its care. 

The Board members work on the following committees: 

Georgia Inmate Records 

The Georgia Department of Correction runs a DOC Inmate Search website. This site offers a variety of information about offenders under the department. Ideally, this department maintains and updates the inmate's public records. In Georgia, inmates' pictures and locations are available to the public.  

Unless they are explicitly prohibited from disclosure under the Georgia Open Documents Act, all public records are accessible for viewing and copying. If a government agency or custodian of public records refuses to release a public document in response to an Open Records Request, they must specify the same Georgia statute that exempts the material from disclosure.  

The Freedom of Information Act makes public documents available to the public at the municipal, state, and federal levels. Hence, an individual is free to inquire about any information on any inmate in Georgia. 

The Georgia Department Of Correction Inmate Search 

The state prisoner lookup process entails using the GDOC Offender Locator. This locator opens up an online database with information about offenders presently doing time in Georgia Department of Corrections institutions around the state. Adult offenders may be found using information such as their name, I.D. or case number, age, and other identifying characteristics. Visit the county's website for information about offenders in county jail. 

There are two most effective ways of inmate search in the state of Georgia. That is  

Search By name 

When searching by name or Description, the individual requesting the search must possess the inmate's full name. In addition, the individual must provide information on the inmate's gender, race, and age. In conclusion, the individual must indicate the most recent correctional facility that the inmate was in. 

However, if they feel this information is insufficient, they may include more information on the "More Options" option. This way, the individual may be able to provide the following: 

In addition, they may be able to indicate; which records they would like to search, may opt to include the photos where available; and how my records they want to be available on each page. After completing the forms, they may proceed to the "submit form" option. 

Search By ID or Case Number  

This is the simplest way to inquire about information on inmates in Georgia. The Department only requires you to select which method you are using, either by I.D. or Case Number. Then after indication the method, you only have to fill in the number and press "submit form" to receive the information.  

Note that, A GDC ID, or a U.N.O., is a unique number that identifies a prisoner in the state of Georgia. The Case Number is the number that is on the crime case file. The initials E.F., P.D., or B.C., for example, commonly precede the case number. However, a criminal offender may have many case numbers. 

Georgia Sex Offender Search 

The department keeps an updated record of all the registered sex offenders. However, it does not share any personally identifiable information collected online with entities outside State of Georgia departments and agencies. Unless you give the department permission or public records under the Georgia Open Records Act or any other applicable laws allow. Suppose the information gathered via a website is a public record or is not otherwise secured from disclosure. In that case, visitors should be aware that it may be susceptible to scrutiny and inspection. Please keep in mind that the Georgia Department of Correction regularly updates the Georgia Sex Offender Registry information.  

Furthermore, if you cannot see the person you are looking for in the Georgia Sex Offender Registry and believe the individual may live in another state, you can then search other states' sex offender registries. After reviewing a registered sex offender's information on Georgia's public website, you may get the offender's employer addresses, school locations, or car details by visiting the sheriff's office local website in the county where the offender is listed. You can also contact the sheriff's office if the information you are looking for is not accessible. 

To locate a sex offender in the state of Georgia, you need to fill in some information. You need to specify which type of offense the offender committed. You have the option to choose from:  

In addition, you have a variety of sexual offenses to choose from after completing the sexual offense type. However, if you are unsure of the sexual offense, there is an option to search on general by selecting "all." 

The Basic Requirements that you need to possess includes: 

After feeding the above information, only then can you proceed to search. 

However, it is essential to note that, when searching for Sexual offenders in general, when location criteria (county, address, etc.) are specified, it omits the information on the sex offenders in prisons. 

Georgia Facility Locator 

There are two ways in which an individual may search for a facility in Georgia. That is: 

The Georgia DOC Official website has an interactive Facility Search, which you can see here: GDC Facility Search. To locate a facility, click the little arrow to the right of "choose a facility." Scroll down, and then click on the facility of your choice from the drop-down list in the box. In the facility locator, individuals may use the state prisoner locator searchUsing the drop-down bar on the website, you may find: 

Finally, after you've chosen a facility or office, you will receive information about it, including (in most instances) contact information or a link to search for offenders there. 

This site is not owned or operated by any state government agency, read more.

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