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Updated on: February 7, 2024
Department Name
Hawaii Department of Public Safety
919 Ala Moana Boulevard, 4th FloorHonolulu, HI 96814
Phone Number
(808) 587-1288
(808) 587-1282

About Hawaii Department of Public Safety

The Hawaii Division of Corrections is a division of the Hawaii Department of Public Safety, in Hawaii State. This division is responsible for all corrections engagements in the city, handling state offenders in various correctional facilities across the state. This division oversees the following major state prisons; Waiawa Correctional FacilityHalawa Correctional FacilityKulani Correctional Facility, and Women’s Community Correctional Center. Its headquarters are located at 919 AlaMoana Boulevard in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Hawaii DOC is divided into different subdivisions that manage different sections. These include: 

Inmate Classification Office 

The Prisoner Classification Office (ICO) is in charge of statewide custody classifications and convict facility placement. The ICO also oversees the department's classification system, ensuring its uniform implementation and incorporation into statewide correctional operations. The ICO uses four classification techniques to determine and change prisoner custody levels, monitoring requirements, facility location, and recommended activities. 

Program Coordination Office 

The main goal of this office is to improve the legislature's ability to make reasonable judgments about authorizing public programs, setting program levels, defining budgetary policies, and conducting effective reviews and appraisals of public agency performance. Below are some of the programs under the Program Coordination Office: 

Division of Correctional Industries 

The Correctional Industries Division (CI) is a dynamic and forward-thinking program that positively impacts the department and the community. CI is a job training program in Hawaii's prisons that prepares inmates for post-release, reentry, and community employment. Moreover, the ultimate goal of CI is to reintegrate an economically self-sufficient individual who can quickly return to work and become a productive, law-abiding citizen. 

Services for Corrections Programs 

Corrections Program Services (CPS) creates and oversees several programs to provide convicts education, nourishment, religion, drug addiction therapy, and sex offender treatment. 

Division of Health Services 

Every correctional facility has a health care program developed by the Health Care Division. Internal and external resources such as public health, private and contract specialists, and volunteers are included. Assuring community standards, budgetary prudence, and consistency of health care are priorities for this Division. 

All correctional department facilities have an HCD team that provides complete medical, mental, and dental treatment in coordination with security and other prison employees. Moreover, every prison in Hawaii has a health clinic that serves prisoners. 

The HCD provides health care services 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the Halawa Correctional Facility, Oahu Community Correctional Center, and Women's Community Correctional Center. The other five prisons provide health treatment for at least eight and up to sixteen hours each day, seven days a week. 

Division Of Institutions 

The Division of institutions encompasses the Jails, prisons, and the Mainland Branch  


Hawaii is one of six states that manage its own prisons. Most states have county or comparable prison administrations. The Division of Corrections oversees four jails: one each on Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai. 

Hawaii DOC controls and manages four prisons. Three of them are on the island of Oahu, while the other is on the island of Hawaii. They are as follows: 

Each major island has its own set of jails. Transitional sentence felons, who have practically finished their felony terms and are returning to the community, are housed in prisons. 

Division of Intake Services Center 

The Intake Service Centers Division (ISCD) is in charge of community monitoring of offenders in each of the four counties. The ISCD serves different sorts of offenders with pre-trial examinations, assessments, and monitoring. In addition, it manages prison and jail diversion programs throughout the state.  

This Division also collaborates with the Courts and the Department of Health's Adult Mental Health Division to help offenders with mental health issues find suitable community-based programs. The ISC branch offices have been active in community activities to address reentry concerns and have participated in them. 

Offender Management Office 

The Offender Management Office (OMO) oversees and trains department workers on sentence computation rules and procedures. The OMO also works with state and federal courts and other law enforcement agencies to ensure that the necessary paperwork is acquired to calculate all prisoner sentences correctly and on time. 

Hawaii Doc Inmate Search 

The Crime Justice Data Center of the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Centre allows online access to information and other documents on those in correctional facilities in Hawaii. However, the inquirer must first join up and finish the registration process to access this service.  

Supply as much information as possible to avoid wrong results. Additionally, each search costs $5, and a verified report costs $10. It's also good to have the necessary information readily available as the system immediately logs the inquirer out and clears all the search items after 30 minutes of inactivity. Such necessary information includes the date of birth and the first and last name of the individuals of interest. For more inquiries, individuals may contact the following address for further information.  

Department of the Attorney General. 

465 S. King Street, Room 102, Honolulu, HI 96813. 

Phone: (808) 587-3279. 

How To Obtain State Correctional Facility Inmate Records 

The Hawaii Public Safety, Corrections Division maintains its own jail roster for each institution. Hence, anyone may get information on an inmate by contacting any of the facilities. The department also makes prisoner information available to the public via the Hawaii SAVIN platform. Individuals may find this platform on the Victims Have the Right to Know (VINE) website. 

The Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) website provides victims and concerned individuals with free, anonymous, and private access to timely information and notification on criminals' incarceration and parole status within the Department of Public Safety's authority. 

This service is not available for convicts in federal prisons or individuals being detained in a police cellblock awaiting trial. As such, the DOC offender locator search only gives results for inmates in the Division of Correction's custody. 

Those interested may seek the status of a jailed criminal on the internet or sign up to receive phone, email, or text updates when that offender's status changes. This service is beneficial for victims of crime who wish to know when their criminal will be released from jail or up for a parole hearing in advance. 

How To Use VINE Link  

Using the Hawaii VINE Link is very simple to use. Simply 

Users are encouraged to supply as much accurate information as possible. This is to reduce the number of convicts whose data will appear. Also, it is to guarantee that the webpage displays accurate inmate information. 

 A successful search will reveal the identity of a particular prisoner's: 

Furthermore, users of the VINE Link Web page can search for an inmate using their booking numbers or Inmate ID. This is the simplest way since these individuals only need to feed the inmate's numbers or IDs. However, feeding in the wrong number may lead to results being and unquestionably inaccurate. The information that may appear may be for another inmate. 

State prisoner Lookup 

All of Hawaii's state prisons are operated and managed by the Department of Corrections. Follow the steps below to look for any prisoner in the DOC: 

The website will release a list of all convicts who meet the given criteria. 

Hawaii Sex Offender Search 

The Hawaii Sex Offender Registry is a database of sex offenders in Hawaii. This Registry is responsible for keeping track of sex offenders in the state. In addition, the Registry assures that the public has access to accurate information about sex offenders in the state. 

The Hawaii sex offender's Registry collaborates with the state's Division of Corrections for the process of sex offender registration. The Registry also double-checks the accuracy of the information that these sex offenders provide. In addition, the Registry keeps track of this data and makes it accessible to the public through the internet. 

Individuals can search for sex offenders living near them in Hawaii. They only have to visit the official Hawaii Division of Corrections to complete their search.  

A searcher has to specify the Covered Offender Status. Either; 

Then, the basic requirements for an individual to complete the sex offender search are: 

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