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Updated on: February 12, 2024

About Idaho Department of Correction

Use this website for informational purposes only.

The Idaho Department of Correction (IDOC) manages offenders who are incarcerated and under probation or parole supervision in the state of Idaho. This entity runs eleven prisons and four community reintegration facilities. In addition to local jails, the department also houses inmates in out-of-state institutions. On the other hand, probation and parole officials oversee probationers and parolees at District Offices around the state. 

The department also has about 1,960 employees, including correctional officers, probation, and parole officials, among others. Moreover, the IDOC has a non-uniform workforce featuring teachers, mental health physicians, and drug and alcohol recovery experts. Before taking their roles, these correctional, probation, and parole officers undergo immense training at Meridian's Peace Officer Standards Training Academy. 

In addition to prisons, the Department of Corrections oversees offenders in low-level Idaho community facilities. It offers them education, treatment, and reintegration programs to prevent recidivism.  

This department upholds Respect, Integrity, Accountability, and Collaboration in its mission to protect the public and empower offenders. Its primary goals include: 

In seven districts in the state, the department runs nine prisons, four community release facilities, and 20 probation and parole offices. The agency's headquarters are in Boise, Idaho. 

The department has three divisions: 

a) Prisons 

Inmates are housed in nine state-owned prisons and five community reintegration programs. Some are housed in local jails and others in out-of-state contract prisons. The Contract Facility Monitoring Department oversees county jails. Termers, parole violators, and those under retained jurisdictions are the occupants of these institutions. 

Termers are people condemned to more than a year in an IDOC facility. The court refers to those sentenced to a period of incarceration in an IDOC facility as retained jurisdictions or "riders." The IDOC assesses riders' needs and places them in the most appropriate institutions for intensive training and teaching. After completing an assessment, the court determines whether the resident gets probation or goes to jail. 

Parole violators are the individuals who violate their parole terms or commit new crimes while awaiting a hearing with the Commission of Pardons and Parole. Consequently, the Commission on Pardons and Parole may revoke a person's parole and return them to jail to fulfill their sentence. 

The Idaho Department of Correction keeps offenders busy with education, counseling, and even labor. 

The prison under the IDOC includes: 

1. South Boise Prison Complex 

It consists of six prisons and one community work center. 

2. Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino

3. North Idaho Correctional Institution 

4. Pocatello Women's Correctional Facility 

5. St. Anthony Work Camp  

6. Idaho Work Centers 

b) Parole and Probation 

The Idaho Probation and Parole Division aim to assist those on probation or parole to succeed. Ideally, in this state, Probation and Parole Officers supervise persons on probation or parole and ensure they obey the state's rules and other parole rules.  

Everything the department undertakes is geared towards the individual's achievement since this leads to long-term change and proper public safety. Obligations to comply with Court and Parole requirements are essential for those on probation or parole. 

c) Management Services Division 

The Division of Management Services' objective is to use internal, independent analysis, assessment, and compliance procedures to assure departmental and contractual operations and services' quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. 

This Division supervises capital construction projects, resident food services, resident health services, resident records, and information technology services for the agency. In addition, it develops and administers the department's contracts. 

Idaho Department Of Corrections History  

The Idaho Corrections Department was first established in Idaho City and Lewiston City. The two cities were proclaimed territorial prisons in 1864 by the territorial legislature. In about eight years, they accommodated approximately 100 criminals. Most were housed in Idaho City. However, during the early 1900s gold rush, most of the original Idaho City territorial prison crumbled into Elk Creek while the rest of the structures were moved into the city's interior. 

In 1870, the federal government began constructing a permanent structure using prison labor. The territorial prison was initially established in 1872. In 1890, Idaho became a state, and the jail became the Idaho State Penitentiary. The institution closed in December 1973 after 101 years of operation due to convict riots. The sandstone structure is now a museum. 

It is the oldest operating jail system but closed in 1972. However, the ISCI still houses male medium detention inmates. In the 1970s and 1980s, a radar station and a mental health facility housed prisoners. Later, additional facilities were established. 

Idaho DOC Offender Locator 

The IDOC database contains information on those in prison, probation, or parole and those presently under IDOC authority. The IDOC Offender Lookup will show the list of all offenders under the Idaho DOC. However, individuals who have served their time and completed their sentences will display their names, but their convictions will not. 

There are different ways in how individuals may use the search engine to look for offenders. That is: 

However, to partially perform an inmate search, individuals must have at least the first three characters of their name or ID number. 

The Department of Corrections updates this database daily. This is to ensure that it is comprehensive and correct; but, it may change fast. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that under Idaho DOC, other information on an individual may not be available on the website. That includes: 

Nonetheless, please recheck if no postal address is provided. Regardless, an address will be provided when the IDOC has acquired possession of the person. For further information, please file a Request For Information. 

This IDOC search tool provides essential information on a person. However, if you require more basic record information, contact the Idaho Department of Correction. 

Idaho State Prisoner Lookup 

You may also look for a prisoner in Idaho by looking for particular Idaho prisons and jails. Each prison has a website and a jail roster, so you may search the jail roster to see who is currently incarcerated. Here you may look for individual Idaho prisons as well as the jail roster. Then you may look for the prisoner you're looking for. You may do so by performing a search by: 

Prison Type 

You may also search inmates currently incarcerated in Idaho by doing an inmate search for the sort of prison or jail where they are incarcerated. There are three categories in general: 

When you're searching a particular jail or prison, go to the website's prisoner search page and type in the inmate's first and last name. The inmate's name, mugshot, birthday, charges, and other details are typically shown. 

IDOC Sex Offender Search 

Individuals in Idaho may locate any sex offender in Idaho through the Idaho Sex Offender Registry using multiple search methods. They may do so by: 

In the IDOC Sex Offender Registry, you may be able to view all:  

However, the IDOC warns users that the Idaho sex offender register is only provided to protect the public. So, it prohibits every individual from using the information to intimidate anyone. Using registry information to commit a crime against another person is punishable under Idaho Code sections 18-8326 and 18-8413. 

Idaho Code 74-120 also forbids the use of the registry's information for commercial reasons. You may not use this form to compile a telephone or postal list. 

This site is not owned or operated by any state government agency, read more.

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