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About Kansas Department of Corrections

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Kansas Department of Corrections is a cabinet-level organization that oversees the state's juvenile and adult correctional institutions, the parole system, and the Prisoner Review Board. Its headquarters are in Topeka, Kansas. 

This Agency, like any other massive department, has several checks and balances. It inspects each office regularly to verify that it is up to standard to maintain the required level of professionalism. This comes in handy to make an effective rehabilitation and corrective agency. 

The Department's major primary is to rehabilitate state offenders through incarceration and rehabilitation programs. It provides a range of programs to assist these offenders to improve their ways of thinking away from crime so that they may ultimately be released back into society as reformed individuals. 

The Department oversees the state prison system while local law enforcement organizations handle municipal and county prisons and detention facilities. The Department manages 12 institutions, eight of which hold adult offenders, three are satellite correctional facilities and one juvenile facility. 

The KDOC is in charge of setting all state-run institutions' operating norms. Local law enforcement agencies often use these principles in the running of the County and municipal detention facilities. Finally, state prisoner records are kept and may be obtained through the KDOC. However, since most county/city prisons operate as temporary holding centers, statistics on detainees of local jails are frequently confined to the holding facilities. The department often transfers some convicts to Arizona to help with the rapidly rising prisoner population.  

Kansas DOC Administrative History 

The KDOC, which oversees eight (12) institutions around the state, was founded from a slew of governmental bodies, each having administrative oversight over Kansas prisons and correctional facilities.  

The Kansas legislature approved an act in 1859 authorizing the construction of a state prison at Lansing, Leavenworth County, Kansas. Identified as Kansas State Penitentiary the new facility opened in 1863 and was run by the Kansas State Penitentiary Board of Directors from 1863 -1911. 

All charitable and penal institutions in the state were managed by the Board of Trustees of State Charities and Corrections in 1901. The only exception was the Industrial Reformatory in Hutchinson. The State Board of Corrections took jurisdiction of the State Industrial School for Girls (founded 1888 in Beloit) and Boys (formed 1879 in Topeka) in 1913. 

The Board of Penal Institutions was formed in 1911 upon the merger of the Board of Directors of the State Penitentiary and that of Managers of the Kansas Industrial Reformatory. However, this body was disbanded in 1913, and its responsibilities were passed to the newly constituted State Board of Corrections. The State Prison, the State Industrial School for Boys, and that for Girls were all under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Corrections. Later, the State Board of Corrections was disbanded, and the State Board of Administration (Correctional Institutions Section) was established in 1917. 

From 1917 through 1953, the State Board of Administration (Correctional Institutions Section) was in charge of the State prison, State Industrial Farm for Women, and State Industrial Reformatory in Hutchinson. The Board of Penal Institutions took its place in 1953 through 1973 when the Department of Corrections assumed the role.  

Victim Services 

The Office of Victim Services (OVS) offers victims, survivors, and witnesses private assistance and information. Details offered by this office include: 

Kansas Correctional Industries 

The Department employs inmates to make things for the state government. That includes office furniture, park equipment, and apparel. However, inmate pay from these industries is extremely low, affecting inmate morale, which reflects in the product's quality. 

Staffing Department 

For many years, the Department has been short on personnel. The staff shortage prompted the agency to contract with CoreCivic to relocate 600 convicts to Arizona in 2019. The Agency recorded an overall prisoner population of 10,002 at the time. That suggests that nearly 10% of the population would be relocated out of state. 

Nonetheless, this office is responsible for inmate staff allocations and transfers. 

Kansas DOC Inmate Records 

Inmate records in Kansas are a collection of identifying information and crime-related statistics about Kansas inmates. According to Kansas statutes, all or portion of this information may be accessible to the public upon request. The records also include inmates' personal information, including their names, genders, birth dates, nationalities, and unique identifiers. The inmates' records also entail details of their: 

This data comes from the Kansas DOC, and it makes every attempt to ensure that the information on this website is complete, accurate, and current. It also refreshes it every 15 minutes. The KDOC bases the content on this website depending on the registered criminal's information. As a consequence, the register may include errors. 

Notably, some offender information isn't public and hence isn't accessible on this page.  

The KDOC records primarily consist of prisoner files from the state's numerous correctional institutions. These records also include the: 

Many of these documents are subject to Kansas legislation due to the sensitive nature of information linked to correctional service. Individuals may have to use advanced searches to uncover all data relating to a particular issue due to Kansa's complex nature of how the KDOC governs and controls these correctional facilities. 

VINE System of Kansas                                                                    

The Kansas VINE system is a program that allows victims of crime to search for information on their offender's custody status over the phone or the Internet and register to get phone and e-mail notifications when the offender's custody status changes. The Kansas VINE system's toll-free number is (866) 574-8463 or 866-KS-4-VINE. This service offers help to crime victims who have a legal right to know whether or not their criminal is in jail. 

Kansas DOC Inmate Search

Visit the KDOC offender population search website and press accept to access the Kansas Adult Supervised Population Electronic Repository (KASPER) for state prisoner lookup. However, Advance Search' category has additional search options, such as searches by: 

Fill up the blanks with the Kansas information you have. Enter inmate's KDOC number, Social Security number, or State ID number, and it will lead you straight to the inmate's details. Alternatively, type a first and last name and then click 'Submit.  Be sure you choose Show Photos and or Display Thumbnail Photos to get a clear view of the offender. 

On the next page, you'll find a list of current and previous convicts who fit your criteria.  

The website will lead you to a profile page with the following details when you click on an offender's name; 

The Kansas DOC provides a similar Kansas offender locator on Sex Offenders and Most Wanted Criminals. 

The Kansas sex offenders search also includes violent sex offenders; offenders on minors. Moreover, this search also includes the offender's physical and geographical descriptions. 

Additionally, the KDOC releases a list of the state's most sought individuals on the Most Wanted Criminals in Kansas Search. It includes a name, a small picture, and a brief explanation of the charges. The website will take you to a more detailed physical description and contact information about the Kansas fugitive when you click on a name. You may also print a wanted poster for each wanted Kansas fugitive. 

Kansas DOC Facility Locator

Individuals may be able to locate any prison under the management of the KDOC on the KDOC facility locator. They can achieve this by searching for the Kansas prison, jail, or federal institution. The site gives you options to search by county, city, and zip code Addresses. 

The website also includes the facilities': 

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