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Updated on: April 8, 2024
Department Name
Kentucky Department of Corrections
275 East Main Street P.O. Box 2400 Frankfort, KY 40602-2400
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About Kentucky Department of Corrections

Use this website for informational purposes only.

The Kentucky DOC is a state department under the Kentucky Justice & Public Safety Cabinet that oversees and sets standards for county jails and operating state-owned adult correctional institutions. This department runs the Probation and Parole Division and offers training to state corrections officers while providing community-based programs to incarcerated offenders. It is based in The Health Services Building in Frankfort. 

The Department oversees the following Divisions and Offices:  

Probation and parole 

The Division of Probation and Parole's objective is to improve public safety and facilitate offender reintegration into society by providing proactive monitoring and referring offenders to community-based services. 

Probation and Parole employees also offer; 

The Division of Probation and Parole is also in charge of the Interstate Compact, which transfers cases between states. This transfer helps jailed offenders find appropriate housing upon release. They also process ex-offenders Civil Rights Restoration claims. 

Addiction Services Divisions 

The Division of Addiction Services is in charge of clinical and administrative control of all drug misuse treatment for convicts, parolees, and probationers in the Department's custody. 

Classification unit 

The Population Management Division/Classification Branch monitors the Assessment/Classification Centers, which manages classification activities in all Kentucky institutions, contract facilities, and full-service county prisons. 

 Education Division 

This Division creates and implements a comprehensive curriculum, strategic planning, and supporting documentation to promote and improve the Commonwealth of Kentucky's law requirements for education and offender quality of life. 

Health Services  

The Kentucky DOC Health Services Division oversees all areas of prisoner health care. These include the inmate’s mental, eye, and dental treatments. 

Training Division 

The Division of Corrections Training's objective is to create, develop, and also provide training programs that fulfill the requirements and mandates of Kentucky DOC workers. 

Administrative Support 

The Division of Administrative Services provides a variety of support services. That Includes: 

The Corrections Commission  

The Kentucky State Correctional Commission is responsible for allocating all grant money to community corrections programs. It also performs the drafting and executing of a statewide strategic plan for the state and community corrections programs. All the services that this Commission offers are under in KRS 196.702. The Commission is also responsible for overseeing the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program and serving as the Nominating Committee for the Parole Board. 

Kentucky Correctional Industries  

Kentucky Correctional Industries was founded in 1954 and has since given products and services to both the commercial sector and Kentucky residents. 

​Local Facilities. 

The Division of Local Facilities is responsible for managing prisoner community-based residential programs and enforcing minimum jail standards. 

Reentry Service Centers (RSCs). 

The RSC program is run and administered by Probation and Parole. The RSC program helps state offenders, parolees, and probationers reintegrate back into society. It also helps state offenders, parolees, and probationers reintegrate back into society. 

However, this program is for inmates who have completed community custody and are approaching parole eligibility. The Kentucky DOC contracts with them for housing, care, and programs. 

This program helps offenders reconnect with their families and the community while also getting a head start in the job market. These institutions include  

The Department also has RSC facilities that provide addiction treatment programming to aid offenders struggling with substance abuse. 

Recovery Kentucky 

The Contract Management Branch is in charge of state probationers, prisoners, and parolees housed in community service centers. This Division also oversees the private prisons with whom the Department of Corrections has contracts. 

Victim Services 

The Victim Services Branch (VSB) is dedicated to aiding victims and survivors. Moreover, the Kentucky DOC makes sure that victims of crime are handled with respect and dignity. A victim's need for aid does not cease once an offender has been convicted. In reality, it lasts the whole time an offender is incarcerated and under supervision. 

The Victim Services Branch provides the following services: 

Kentucky Online Inmate Records Search  

Individuals may find prisoners, mugshots, records, and contact information for inmates using the Kentucky prison inmate lookup. 

Type the inmate's first and last name into the search box to utilize this website. Then, choose "Kentucky." The website will create a free account to read the entire report on the prisoner you've been looking for after search completion. 

Online Offender Lookup at KOOL Kentucky 

The KOOL system is a public service provided by the Kentucky Department of Correction. However, the Department does not guarantee the accuracy of the data in the system. Daily submissions and updates improve accuracy and guarantee that the public has access to the most up-to-date information available. The government also cautions that recent offender statistics may be incomplete. 

Nonetheless, individuals may use the Kentucky Offender Online Offender Lookup System to find out who is in a facility under the Kentucky DOC. 

VINE (Victim Identification and Notification Everyday) 

VINE is an automatic notification system that notifies victims when an offender's custody status changes. The system includes data on  

Moreover, one may register by visiting the VINELink and may receive notifications through your phone and email.  

Start your search with the Department of Corrections if you're searching for a prisoner in Kentucky 

Kentucky DOC Offender Locator  

Kentucky's Department of Corrections is in charge of all prisons and jails. You may search for inmates in Kentucky by first, middle, or last name. 

Additionally, you may also perform an offender locator using mugshots, which may help you find them faster. Hence, the website recommends entering as much information as possible to obtain a match faster. 

Kentucky DOC Inmate Search Tool 

Users in Kentucky may utilize the locate an Inmate search tool of the Kentucky DOC to find convicts in Kentucky who have served time between 1982 and now. You may also do a release search for convicts who have already been freed, which will provide their records. 

Individuals can look up a prisoner by name or by number. However, to locate them, you will need to have either of these additional details about the offender: 

Kentucky State Prisoner Lookup 

Another option for finding detainees is to use a Kentucky jail inmate finder, which searches particular Kentucky jails and prisons. 

Each prison has a website and a jail roster; hence, you may search the jail roster to see who is currently in jail. To perform a Kentucky Facility Locator, Visit the KDOC Facilities Official websites. 

Kentucky DOC categorizes its facilities in three categories: 

Go to the website's prisoner search page and type in the inmate's first and last name when you're searching a specific jail or prison.  

Kentucky Sex Offender Search 

The Kentucky General Assembly enacted Megan's law in 1994. The law requires sex offenders to register with the state's criminal justice department. Kentucky's sex offender law took effect on January 1, 1995. The law protects residents from sex offenders. It ensures that sex offenders are also informed of their legal duties. 

Kentucky's sex offender's law has two versions: 1994 and 1998. The first Act required sex offenders to register for ten years after conviction. However, the 1998 Statute updates the previous Act and categorizes sex offenders as follows: 

This classification is based on recidivism. Kentucky law requires that convicts be evaluated upon release. Furthermore, the evaluation analyzes their re-offending risk, and the Sex Offender Risk Assessment Advisory Board conducts this analysis. 

The Kentucky public sex offender registry search is a free platform. Moreover, the website includes listings of registered offenders and pedophiles, maps, lookups, and databases. 

Performing an offender search involves indicating either their names or aliases. Then you have to indicate your location to locate which offender is near you. 

Prison Rape Elimination Act 

The Prison Rape Elimination Act is a federal law that prohibits rape. Hence, the Kentucky DOC maintains a zero-tolerance policy regarding all types of sexual abuse and harassment under Section 115.11 of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Standards.  

This site is not owned or operated by any state government agency, read more.

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