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Updated on: April 9, 2024

About Louisiana Department of Corrections

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The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (DPS&C) is a state agency responsible for the detention of offenders and the operation of state prisons. Based in Baton Rouge, this department has two operational divisions; The Public Safety Services and The Corrections Services. 

This department’s goal is to create a safe Louisiana through safe and secure incarceration of state offenders, providing rehabilitative programs, effective probation, and parole supervision, and giving services to victims of crimes. It is run by a secretary appointed by the governor 

An Overview Of The LDPSC 

Corrections Services, Office of Juvenile Justice, and Public Safety Services are part of the LDPSC agency; they function and report to the Governor of Louisiana independently. The Department oversees the following offices: 

Secretary Of State's Office 

The office directs and oversees all departmental programs. It also deals in management, personnel, and general operations policies and rules and regulations. Additionally, the Secretary is in charge of directing and assisting the agency's staff. 

The deputy secretary oversees specific activities and functions assigned by the Secretary. He/she also supervises, supports, and guides the Children's Initiative and the Risk Review Panel process. 

Other executive team members focus on long and short-term projects. The Legal Services Division represents the Department in legal matters, including Civil Service issues. On the other hand, the Crime Victims Services Bureau focuses on assisting with a Restorative Justice program. 

The Louisiana State Police Superintendent is the Deputy Secretary of Public Safety. 

Management And Finance Office 

All units get management assistance from the Office of Management and Finance, which reports to the Undersecretary of the Treasury. The Undersecretary is the Chief of Staff at Headquarters. 

Adult Services Office 

The Office of Adult Services (OAS) oversees and supports the operations of adult facilities. An assistant secretary provides technical assistance to local correctional institutions. 

The assistant secretary manages and directs the Department's operational audit teams. This department performs audits of all adult and juvenile institutions, non-secure contract facilities, and community work release centers. The Department also aids all units to obtain ACA certification. 

Assistants in the OAS help with disciplinary appeals, work release recommendations, and ACA certification. In addition, they supervise eleven adult facilities, two of which are managed commercially. 

The Office Of Youth Development (OYD) 

The OYD monitors and supports state programs for adjudicated delinquent juveniles. As such, the juvenile courts have designated many teenage families in need of assistance. 

Youth Development staff help juveniles with administrative remedies and disciplinary appeals. They also inspect juvenile institutions. 

In addition, the Division of Juveniles Programs (DYS) supervises delinquent youth and status offenders and their families. It also oversees both residential and non-residential treatment services.  

Adult Probation And Parole Division 

The Division has 21 district offices around the state and a headquarters in Baton Rouge. It monitors those on probation, parole, reduced terms, and medical leave. They are also in charge of drug testing. 

The Division's staff are commissioned police officers with POST certification who supervise the inmates on parole. They also oversee IMPACT (Intensive Motivational Program of Alternative Correctional Treatment) complex parole cases in 10 CRCs. As a result, the judges, parole boards, and the Governor's Office utilize the Division's investigative services. They also collect fines, fees, and victim compensation. 

The Pardons Board 

The Governor appoints the five Pardon Board members. The board meets regularly to consider pardons, commutations, and restoration of citizenship rights and privileges. However, the Governor must approve all clemency recommendations. 

The Parole Board 

The Governor appoints the Board of Parole. The board meets in three-person panels to:  

Prison Enterprises Division 

The Prison Enterprises Division (PE) operates self-sustaining industrial and agricultural businesses that employ and teach inmates good working habits and marketing skills. It provides quality, cost-effective products, and services. 

PE also provides incentive compensation to all qualifying convicts. This includes farming activities such as raw crops and garden vegetable farming, range cattle rearing, a winery, food processing, a feed mill, land leveling, hay production, and forestry. In addition, they manufacture license plates, mattresses, mops, brooms, chemicals, clothes, and office chairs.  

They also refurbish metal and furniture, offer cleaning services for other agencies and items for print and plastic sign shops.  

Public Safety Services 

The Office of Management and Finance, the state's Highway Safety Commission, and the States Oil Spill Coordinator's Office are part of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety's Public Safety Services division. 

Louisiana Department of Corrections  

The Louisiana Department of Corrections (LDC) is in charge of adult convicts in Louisiana. Around 19,000 of Louisiana's 37,000 convicts reside in the state's 13 prisons. The others are housed in parochial institutions. The state reimburses local governments for detaining some inmates on its behalf because the state's jails can't house all convicts. 

In addition, the LDC controls inmates from arrest through discharge. It also maintains its infrastructure and office buildings. They do this to ensure everyone knows the proper technique and is safe while working. 

Consequently, Louisiana state prisons have modern technologies. The Department is continually improving its technologies to ensure employee and community safety. 


The first Louisiana State Penitentiary was built in 1835 at 6th and Laurel Streets in Baton Rouge. The prison and its inmates were leased to McHatton Pratt & Company in 1844. Later, Union Forces gave Samuel James the lease of the jail in 1869. He also oversaw the Louisiana Corrections system for 31 years. 

From 1901 until 1916, the Louisiana Governor appointed a three-person Board of Control. One of the new board's first actions was to buy the 8,000-acre Angola Plantation. New camps were built, and security personnel was hired in turns. 

In 1916, the Board of Control was abolished, and the General Manager was appointed. New General Manager Henry L. Fuqua replaced almost all Angolan officers with hand-picked prisoner "trusty guards." The management also purchased 10,000 acres (40 km2) of additional land, increasing the total to 18,000 acres (73 km2). 

Louisiana Automated Victim Notification System 

The Louisiana Automated Victim Notification System (LAVNS) is an online resource supplied by the Governor's Office via the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice. 

LAVNS now provides access to a person's whereabouts in jail 24 hours a day, seven days a week online, or by calling 866-528-6748. Many local authorities let people utilize LAVNS to get information about their present custody and case status until they are condemned to state custody. 

Louisiana Inmate Records  

The Louisiana Inmate Records includes all offenders incarcerated in state prisons, parish jails, correctional prisoner facilities, and other penal institutions. In addition, they may contain information about the inmates:  

However, the basic information available on the Louisiana Inmates Records includes: 

Nonetheless, all this information should be made available to the public according to the state's public record laws. 

Louisiana State Prisoner Lookup 

The Department of Public Safety and Corrections in Louisiana is one of the few states without an online prisoner lookup system. This system helps the citizens in inquiring information on the prisoners in the state prisons. 

You can also dial 225-383-4580 to reach the Louisiana Imprisoned Prison Locator System, accessible 24 hours a day.  

Louisiana Inmate Search 

You'll need the following details to perform a Louisiana DOC inmate search: 

Later, you will receive the following information concerning after submitting the details: 

In addition, it manages a DOCoffender locator system for individuals on parole. However, there is no information on those who are awaiting trial or serving municipal or parish punishments. 

Sex Offender Search  

The Louisiana Division of Probation and Parole monitors roughly 2,200 persons convicted of sex crimes in towns around the state. However, this represents just a portion of the people who must register and inform the state as others fail to comply. 

You may look for a sex offender or child predator on the Louisiana State Police website. The site enables individuals in Louisiana to locate a sex offender using these options: 

The platform will then generate a list of sex offenders. The details include: 

Louisiana Facility Locator 

Individuals have to visit the official LDPSC Facilities website to locate a facilityThen, the options will be searched by name or parish.  

The platform also provides information on  

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