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About Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

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The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services' mission is to protect the public of Maryland, including the offenders and detainees under their jurisdiction. The Maryland DPSCS achieves this by providing high security in all its institutions. Additionally, they provide detainees and former detainees with the resources necessary for transformation so they can stay out of trouble, during and after incarceration. The department also partners with agencies that assist them in sharing information to reduce crime, violence, and recidivism rates. 

DPSCS manages 19 state prisons in Maryland, several pretrial institutions, and 42 Parole and Probation offices in different parts of the state. These institutions enable the department to achieve its mission to protect citizens by incarcerating and transforming criminals. In the institutions, DPSCS officials take incarcerated individuals through a wide array of programs and opportunities. These programs prepare the inmates for their release and reduce the likelihood of falling back to crime once they are out of correctional institutions. 

In 2020, according to the Division of Correction, there was a daily average of 16,652 sentenced inmates across the state. On average, the sentence length was around 19.8 years (238 months), and the average age of inmates was 38.1. However, in a bid to keep the inmates engaged, approximately 10,398 inmates were involved in paid work duties, earning up to $3.30 daily. 

Maryland DPSCS Inmate Services  

One of the critical initiatives of DPSCS is providing inmate services that maintain and improve the bond between the incarcerated individuals and their loved ones. This initiative enables inmates to blend well with community members after their release and stay connected with their families and friends during their sentence period. 

In this regard, the DPSCS provides the following services to inmates: 

Inmate Visitation Services 

The department allows loved ones to visit inmates, which promotes inmate development and case management. The visitors must comply with the set of rules which DPSCS or the housing facility outlines. DPSCS general visitation rules include: 

Inmate Communication Services 

DPSCS allows inmates to keep in touch with their loved ones via phone calls and mail services. The department utilizes the ConnectNetwork services for funding and managing phone calls. There are two call services options: 

Loved ones can also send mails to inmates, provided they comply with the U.S constitution, Maryland DPSCS guidelines, and Maryland State and Federal laws. You can find all the mailing addresses and inmate mail services rules on the inmate mail services page. 

Inmate Banking Services 

This service provides means for loved ones to deposit funds to inmates. DPSCS utilizes Access Corrections to process and manage all transactions to inmates' accounts. 

Inmate Care Package Services 

Access Securepak program allows loved ones to send care packages to incarcerated individuals in Maryland. You can order a care package via phone, mail, and online. 

Offender Rehabilitation in Maryland  

The Maryland DPSCS provides inmates with rehabilitation programs to change their behavior and reduce the recidivism rate in the state. The following divisions under DPSCS offer rehabilitation services in Maryland: 

Division of Corrections 

This division provides the following services: 

Division of Pretrial Detention and Services 

This division provides the Addicts Changing Together- Substance Abuse Program, a state-certified substance abuse treatment program offered to male and female offenders at the Baltimore City Detention Center. This 45-day intensive treatment regimen provides HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, computer literacy, life skills, and basic adult education. 

Division of Parole and Probation 

This division enhances the security of the public and rehabilitation of offenders through these programs: 

Patuxent Institution 

The Patuxent Institution has the following units and programs: 

Maryland Inmate Locator  

The Maryland DOC offender locator enables the public members to search the current facility housing an inmate. The state prisoner lookup provides the housing location information of inmates under the custody of the Commissioner of Corrections and residing at: 

However, the locator does not list every convict in the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services custody. Additionally, the locator does not include: 

To conduct an inmate search of inmates housed at Maryland correctional institutions, visit the inmate locator website. One can search using the first or last name of the inmate. The search provides the following details: 

Maryland Correctional Facility Locator  

Besides searching for information regarding inmates in Maryland, the department also provides the means for public members to find information about correctional facilities. The correctional facility locator database provides details about institutions that house pretrial detainees, supervised offenders, and inmates. 

In the database, you can find correctional facility information such as: 

To find reliable information on all correctional institutions under Maryland DPSCS, go to the DOC inmate search locator 

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