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Updated on: February 7, 2024
Department Name
Nebraska Dept. of Correctional Services
P.O. Box #94661 Lincoln, NE 68509-4661
Phone Number
(402) 471-2654

About Nebraska Dept. of Correctional Services

The Nebraska Department of Corrections is in charge of keeping the Nebraska community safe, transforming the lives of offenders, and keeping them in secure prisons. On average, Nebraska DOC has a daily incarcerated population of 5,322. During the 2021 fiscal year, the department has admitted over 1953 offenders to various correctional facilities in the state. 

NDCS is the second-largest agency in the Nebraska State government. The agency has about 2,300 staff members holding more than 150 different job titles. These team members drive the operations of Nebraska DOC and enable it to achieve its mission. Additionally, the department operates and manages ten correctional facilities in Nebraska, which houses lawbreakers and keeps the community safe.  

On average, inmates serving their sentence in Nebraska corrections centers spend only 2.8 years of incarceration before the prison authority releases them. Therefore, the DOC must prepare them for life after imprisonment by equipping them with life and work skills. NDCS provides a wide array of rehabilitation and educational programs to all inmates under its custody. Before an inmate participates in any program, the correctional facilities provide a Risk/Needs/Responsivity assessment to determine the best programs for every inmate. The programs range from clinical, non-clinical to education programs.  

Clinical Treatment Programs  

Licensed behavioral health professionals deliver the Clinical Treatment programs which address the inmate’s behavioral health needs. The programs under Clinical Treatment include:  

Non-Clinical Programs   

NDCS staff members and volunteers deliver non-clinical programs that focus on how an individual thinks and behaves. Some of the unique non-clinical programs include: 

Education Programs  

The Nebraska DOC offers adult education in all its facility and operates a high school at the Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility. Individuals without a high school diploma can enroll in the educational program at NCYF to earn the NCYF Community High School Diploma. Additionally, they can complete GED classes to receive the State of Nebraska High School Diploma.  

Besides the high school diplomas, NDCS offers life skills and parenting programs, English as the Second Language (ESL), prevocational and vocational, and correspondence courses. In 2016, Nebraska Correctional Education programs were among the top-rated programs in the US after realizing a 94% GED pass rate.  

NDCS partners with colleges and universities such as Metro Community College, York College, University of Nebraska, and Wesleyan College. These institutions provide various courses to inmates in the correctional centers.  

Cornhusker State Industries 

Cornhusker State Industries is the correctional industries program of NDCS, which provides opportunities to about 500 inmates of both genders. CSI focuses on offering incarcerated individuals job skills to assist them to successfully reenter the outside world, obtain employment, and become tax-paying citizens. One of CSI's programs to inmates is The Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP).  

Congress in 1979 created the PIECP work program, which encourages state and federal governments to provide employment opportunities to incarcerated individuals. Since 1987, CSI has been actively participating in the PIECP program. Currently, 63 inmate workers in Nebraska actively participate in the PIECP program.  

CSI partners with private sector businesses to achieve the following: 

CSI also provides the inmate with an opportunity to learn and offer the following services: 

Besides the services, CSI produces the following products: 

NDCS Inmate Services  

While in prison, inmates incarcerated in NDCS correctional facilities can enjoy services like visitation and canteen services. The department values the connection between inmates and their loved ones since it plays a role in their rehabilitation. Each correctional facility in Nebraska has visitation rules and guidelines. Nevertheless, all visitors must register seven days before the actual visit. For each visit, NDCS allows four adults and a reasonable number of children.  

 Before booking an inmate visitation, visit the NDCS website to check the facilities currently allowing inmate visitation. You can click on your preferred facility for further information on authorized items, approved dress code, property searches, and identification requirements on the list of facilities allowing visitors.  

Besides visiting, inmates' loved ones can send money, emails, E-cards, and photos to inmates in the correctional centers. JPay provides the system for loved to send emails, photos, and E-cards to inmates. However, JPay does not allow inmates to receive the following types of photos: 

Family members and friends can also send videograms to incarcerated individuals using the JPay services. The video grams can be up to 30 seconds long, and they are viewable on JPay tablets. It costs $1.25 to send a single videogram.  

The Victim Services Program 

The Nebraska DOC runs the Victims Service Program, which keeps the communities safe by offering education, advocacy, and support services to victims of the offenders' crime in Nebraska. The Victim Services Program provides the following services:  

Concerned citizens and victims can receive notifications concerning their offender's information via the VINE link or NDCS Victim/Witness program. The Victim/Witness Notification Program notices victims, crime witnesses, family members, and concerned citizens. To receive the information, you must complete the Victim/Witness Notification form. Once you register, NDCS will send you a notification in case the following events occur: 

Nebraska DOC Offender Locator  

NDCS stores inmate records consisting of personal and official information of inmates housed in facilities across the state. The data in the inmate records include inmates' criminal histories, court information, current charges, and personal details like name and nationality. Inmates’ records may be public via the Nevada prisoner lookup or made available upon request. 

Nebraska DOC inmate search provides public members to find information concerning the housing facility location of inmates. You can search for inmates using their DOC number or first or last name on the offender locator.  

The search results display the following details: 

Contact the Public Records Unit with queries via mail or email if you cannot locate an inmate using the Nevada prisoner lookup.  

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