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FCI Fairton

FCI Fairton Inmate Search and Prison Information

Updated on: July 19, 2021
New Jersey
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About FCI Fairton

The FCI Fairton is known as one of the federal medium-security prisons. Along with the FCI Fairton they also operate what is known as a satellite prison camp, which is home to minimum-security offenders.

The FCI Fairton sits on 240 acres of land. To be frank, only 39 acres of land is inside a prison fence.

Most of the construction for the facility started in 1989, but the correctional facility did not open for business until the end of 1992.

Nationwide Inmate Records Online Check

Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Sending a Mail/Care Package

Letters is just one of the many ways you can stay in contact with an inmate who is in the FCI Fairton.

Letters are the more economical way to stay in contact with an inmate since it only costs a very little amount of money.

However, when writing letters to an inmate, you should also keep in the back of your mind that all incoming and outgoing letters will be read. You should only write what you feel comfortable knowing that someone else will be reading them.

Sending Money

Money can be deposited into the inmate’s account by using MoneyGram and/or Western Union. When using these services, you will be charged a small fee, but the money will be in their accounts within 1-2 business days.

However, if you do not want to pay for the service fee, you can opt into sending a money order to the federal money account address on the FBOP website.

Phone calls

The FCI Fairton will allow inmates to use telephones that are in the common areas during the hours of 7 am to 10pm daily.

The only time an inmate will not have access to these telephones is when the facility is under lockdown, or the inmate is put in solitary confinement.


Visitation typically will happen on the weekends from 8 am to 3 pm. Visitation will not happen if the inmate is in solitary confinement or the facility is under lockdown.

Visiting Hours

FCI Hours;Camp Hours

Monday — 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM;
Friday — 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM;
Saturday — 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM;8:15 AM - 3:15 PM
Sunday — 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM;8:15 AM - 3:15 PM
Holiday — ;8:15 AM - 3:15 PM


Refer the map below to find the driving directions.

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