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Updated on: March 30, 2024
Department Name
New Mexico Corrections Department
4337 NM 14, Santa Fe NM 87508 P.O. Box 27116, Santa Fe NM
Phone Number
(505) 827-8645
(505) 827-8533
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About New Mexico Corrections Department

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The New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD) oversees and manages Adult Prisons and Probation and Parole. This Department is among the largest State Departments in New Mexico and is fully dedicated to public safety. As of November 2021, the Department was responsible for overseeing 5673 incarcerated inmates and 13983 probation and parole population. NMCD comprises eight different divisions. Adult Prisons Division (APD) is the largest division covering eleven prison institutions throughout New Mexico. This division houses more than 6800 incarcerated individuals. APD aims to hold offenders accountable for their actions. In addition, it offers integrating programs for reformation and rehabilitation through several programs that reduce the risk of recidivism.  

Probation and Parole Division (PPD) follows as the second largest division under NMCD. PPD supervises more than 18500 inmates at any given time all over New Mexico. Offenders must comply with special supervision conditions such as counseling and restitution. These conditions ensure a successful and smooth transition and reintegration back into society and communities.  

Alisha Tafoya Lucero is the current Cabinet Secretary of the New Mexico Corrections Department. Lucero has served the state for over 20 years and 18 of these years within the NMCD.  She started her Corrections career as a Classification Officer at the Penitentiary of New Mexico. Lucero has since served in various positions, including Unit Manager, Deputy Warden, Probation and Parole Officer, and Interim warden for Springer Correctional Center and Penitentiary of New Mexico.  

The Department's Public Relations Office aims to provide a transparent view of the NMCD. It strives to be open and transparent while interacting with the media and the general public. The Office puts the best effort in promptly and accurately responding to all inquiries. Additionally, it offers timely access to employees, facilities, and offenders.  

NMCD Divisions 

As already alluded, the New Mexico Corrections Department has eight divisions. They include Adult Prisons Division, Probation and Parole, Administrative Services Division, Information Technology Division, Corrections Industries, Training Academy, Recidivism Reduction Division, and Adult Parole Board.  

Adult Prisons Division 

APD is the largest Division in the Department, incarcerating 6700 offenders in six public, five privately operated correctional institutions. This Division is in charge of the oversight of the Health Service Bureau, eleven prison facilities, and the Office of Offender Management Services. It ensures that all correctional facilities are operated with strict adherence to public safety. In brief, security and reducing recidivism rates are the Division’s core priorities.  

The Records and Classification Bureaus merged to establish the Office of Offender Management Services. This Office follows offender management best practices in Corrections, and its core function is public safety. It particularly ensures that offenders sent to New Mexico Corrections Department have a judgment and sentence. This way, NMCD has the authority to incarcerate the offenders.  

Through the Office of Offender Management Services, inmates receive housing in appropriate correctional facilities depending on their programming and security needs. The housing occurs after completing the Reception and Diagnostic Center process. In addition, this Office ensures earned and forfeited good time is accounted for and posted in consistence with NMCD policies and state statute. It is also responsible for determining the offender’s proper release from incarceration.  

The Health Services Bureau oversees the medical services contract, addictions treatment, and mental health care of NMCD offenders. It is committed to the proper care and treatment of incarcerated individuals, a component of public safety. NMCD recognizes that inmates with addiction or mental health issues may not succeed upon re-entry to their communities if ignored. Therefore, programs such as the Residential Drug Abuse Program can potentially help the designated offender conquer addiction. Additionally, the program reduces overall recidivism making neighborhoods safer.  

Probation and Parole 

Apart from general supervision conditions, the Department requires most offenders to comply with some special supervision conditions that relate to each case. Commonly imposed special conditions include Restitution and Counseling. Furthermore, inmates assigned to a special program must comply with additional supervision conditions. The following are some conditions for probation and parole supervision: 

Standard probation supervision applies to offenders in the community who feature a less likelihood to re-offend. Additionally, it serves inmates who do not fit in the special program's criteria. Inmates under this Division must not violate any State laws or ordinances or in any other jurisdiction. They must report to the Probation or Parole officer as required and submit complete and truthful written reports.  

According to statute NMSA 31-21-5, parole refers to the release to the community of an offender of a facility by the board’s decision or operation of law subject to board-imposed conditions and its supervision. The offender must report to the Parole Officer as directed. If paroled or transferred to another state, the offender must comply with the rules in effect in that designated state. Additionally, they must comply with all conditions and fines imposed by the judgment and sentence ordered by the court.  

Intensive Supervision offers concentrated supervision to each location’s most high-risk offenders. High-risk offenders typically include violent offenders, repeat felons, and gang members. The Corrections Department requires these offenders to report to the Intensive Supervision Officer at the Division’s Office. They must abide by the indicated curfew unless they have written authorization from the Officer to be away from their residence.  

Community Corrections Program serves inmates in the community depending on their risk level and specific needs. These inmates typically have more significant treatment needs. NMCD works with the behavioral health collaborative to provide the most appropriate and suitable services to the offenders. Additionally, this program is a diversionary program for probation or parole violators who otherwise would be incarcerated. Here are the conditions of the program.  

Re-entry Division 

The Reentry Division aims to reduce pro-criminal attitudes and behavior among inmates. Additionally, this Division provides evidence-based programs to provide the necessary skills for the offender to become a law-abiding and productive citizen.    

Under this division, there exist programs such as Education, Volunteer, Correction Industries, and Training Academy. Volunteers in the Corrections Department provide programming that focuses on changing criminal mindsets and behavior. These aspects are essential and beneficial to the offenders' rehabilitation process. NMCD offers training to all interested volunteers before they offer their services.  

The NMCD Education Bureau is responsible for providing quality education, vocational training, and library services to incarcerated individuals. The Ethical pursuit of educational excellence assists offenders to become responsible members of the workforce, family, and community after release.  

New Mexico Corrections Training Academy (NMCTA) conducts basic and advanced training for civilian, custody, and non-custody staff. It assists with recruiting efforts around New Mexico. Additionally, NMCTA is responsible for screening and reviewing those who wish to seek a career in Corrections.  

Corrections Industries aims to make purchasing items simpler. Federal, State, County, Not-for-profit agencies, and other local agencies can buy items directly from Corrections Industries (CI) devoid of a competitive bid. NMCD offers a one-stop shopping avenue including furniture, designed shirts and uniforms, printing, moving, and janitorial supplies. It is important to note that CI contributes $3 million to the New Mexico economy annually by paying staff salaries and purchases from local suppliers.  

Inmate Search Information 

The New Mexico Corrections Department Offender Information function is to provide law enforcement agencies and citizens with information regarding incarcerated inmates. Additionally, it offers information about inmates on Probation or Parole. NMCD updates the Offender Search site each night. The Department makes an effort to ensure that the information provided on the search is accurate and timely. However, NMCD advises citizens to contact either the individual facility or the Probation or Parole Officer to verify the information. For instance, the inmate's location or legal status because of the inmate movement.  

Remember that Constituent Services, Central Office, and the Records Bureau Office do not provide information, statuses, and updates on inmate releases.  

The DOC Offender Locator 

To begin a state prisoner lookup, site visitors must know the offender’s first and last name and NMCD Number. It is essential to note that the New Mexico Corrections Department does not have jurisdiction over City and county detention facilities.  

The DOC inmate search page requires you to fill out the following fields: 

If an inmate has previously shown on the search but no longer does, technical difficulties could exist. Therefore, it does not mean that the offender has been released or no longer or Probation or Parole supervision. NMCD advises the public to allow 24 hours for the inmate information to be available.  

Constituent Services 

NMCD’s Constituent Services include the Victim Services Program and the Family or Constituent Services Office. Victim Services Program is a direct contact point for victims of crime alongside their families who have concerns related to the offenders in custody.  This program provides detailed information, assistance, and support to victims of crime and their families or concerned citizens. It administers these services with compassion, respect, and confidentiality. Additionally, Victim Services offers assistance to the Adult Parole Board, victim advocacy organizations, and statewide district attorneys’ office victim advocates in addressing the victims’ needs.  

The Family Constituent Services & Correspondence Office provides assistance services to the growing number of families directly affected by their loved one's incarceration. The Office is a central contact between the NMCD and inmate’s family members. Therefore, it assists these family members in navigating through the complex correction system. It utilizes a family-focused approach in supporting and encouraging strong family and community links that promote successful re-entry.  

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