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Updated on: May 16, 2024
Department Name
South Dakota Department of Corrections
3200 East Highway 34, c/o 500 East Capitol Avenue Pierre, SD 57501
Phone Number
(605) 773-3478
(605) 773-3194

About South Dakota Department of Corrections

Use this website for informational purposes only.

The South Dakota Department of Corrections (SDDOC) oversees state prisons in South Dakota. Moreover, it runs the state's adult prison, adult parole, and juvenile correctional systems. This includes both teenagers committed to the Department of Corrections and placed in residential out-of-home placement and kids on supervised release, often known as aftercare. 

The Department's headquarters are at Pierre's Solem Public Safety Center. Ideally, its major roles are outlined in Chapter 1-15 of the South Dakota Codified Law. These roles feature the following:  

The Prison System in South Dakota 

The SDDOC manages and administers the state's correctional institutions. It has an adult Corrections system, which includes: 

Prisons for adults.

Corrections for minors. 

STAR Academy is located 4.5 miles (7.2 km) south of Custer on US Highway 385 in unincorporated Custer County. STAR Evergreen High School serves delinquent children. Moreover, the STAR campus has several parts. That is the: 


The SDDOC has a rich history. On February 8, 1881, Territory Governor Nehemiah Ordway signed legislation establishing and administering a territory jail. The institution was to be erected on an 80-acre tract of land within the city limits of Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, Dakota Territory. Furthermore, the jail was to be erected on acreage within a mile of the city if no appropriate site inside the city limits of Sioux Falls could be obtained. 

The directors were to contract a 125-150 person jail for $50,000 for land and building. The land could not exceed $500. 

That's when the Department located two suitable places near Omaha and Milwaukee. But the $500 for site land was inadequate. Hence, the company purchasing the property pledged to make amends. The US government also provided $30,000 for a Sioux Falls prison and a measure allowing for acquiring funding to build the jail through federal cash under Chapter 23 of the Session Laws of 1881.  

Further, these structures could not be built with the US government's $30,000 grant; hence the authorities approved the acquisition of 85 acres. The building's construction was requested once the site and designs were determined.  

The Warden's Residence was built with legislative sanction. The warden had to reside on-site until 1989. Currently, it's the Board of Pardons and Paroles and Central Records that occupies it. 

South Dakota became a state in 1889 and had two-cell block wings that flanked the core administrative unit. The jail yard barrier used to be wood. Warden N.E. Phillips built a stone wall instead (1893-1899). It is 11 feet thick, 182 feet long, 30 feet high, and costs less than $12,000. 

Commission on Corrections 

The state Corrections Commission was established under SDCL 1-15-1.13. The disciplinary commission's mandate is to assist the Department of Corrections in studying criminal justice issues and developing solutions. In addition, the Corrections Commission is obligated by law to examine trends and initiatives in South Dakota's criminal justice system. 

As such, money from the prison industries revolving fund may not be utilized for improvements, development, or expansion of prison industries, save for essential operating expenses and equipment repairs without the commission's approval.  

The commission has nine members, among whom the Governor picks three. In addition, each party's caucus leader must nominate one member from a list of three names given by the South Dakota Retailers Association. Members are appointed at the appointing authority's discretion and may be removed at any time. The commission must meet at least twice a year at the request of the secretary of corrections or the chair. 

South Dakota DOC Victim Services 

Victim Assistance Program Victim Assistance Program Victim Assistance Program VI 

The Victims' Assistance Program oversees state and federal subsidies that support organizations that enable victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and other violent crimes with; 

Compensation for Crime Victims Program 

Victims of violent crimes may get financial aid via the Crime Victims' Compensation Program. The Department of Public Safety administers this program, where inmates may pay up to $15,000 for expenditures incurred as a direct consequence of bodily harm or death of a victim of state, tribal, or federal offenses. 

South Dakota Inmate Records 

Official documentation and information about a person incarcerated in a correctional institution may be found in inmate records. It contains basic information, including the offender: 

How to Obtain Counties' Inmate Records 

Click on the current prisoner area on the Sheriff's Office's official website, which shows when you click on "Jail." Then, go to the jail section of the Sheriff's official page to see those currently in prison.  

However, contact the local jail or Sheriff's office for information about convicts since the prison roster and inmate processes vary per jurisdiction. 

How to Obtain State Correctional Facility Inmate Records 

The South Dakota Department of Corrections offers an online offender search tool for identifying present offenders and those who have finished their terms and are no longer in DOC custody. Anyone interested in seeing information about an offender must submit one or more pieces of information, such as the following:  

 For further information, interested parties may contact any of the SDDOC's correctional institutions. 

Offender Locator 

This database contains public records regarding felony offenders sentenced to the Department of Corrections. A county jail, probation, or other sorts of monitoring is not included. The data is gathered from court filings and Department of Correction records and made available as a service. 

First, you will have to possess with you the following offender details to conduct an SD DOC offender Locator search: 

Additionally, you will have to fill in an authentication response for the state's privacy to verify your submission. You will receive the list of all inmates in the facilities under SD DOC that match your details on the next page. 

The website will lead you to an offender profile page with a physical description of the Offenders and their correction status, which may be:  

You may also see the facility location if you click on the DOC number. The following inmate's additional details are available: 

However, the SD DOC, its officers and staff, and the State of South Dakota are not responsible for the accuracy of the material on the website. 

SD DOC State Prisoner Lookup 

Please type the last name of the prisoner you want to search up or the first few letters of the last name you want to look up. 

This search will only show those presently detained in a South Dakota correctional institution and out-of-state institution. However, the search will not include someone in a South Dakota correctional institution but was sentenced out of state. 

Individuals in South Dakota may be considered for parole depending on their eligibility and relevant legislation, as decided by the South Dakota Department of Corrections. You can visit the Parole Board website for additional information. 

South Dakota DOC Most Wanted Inmate Search 

The South Dakota Department of Corrections keeps track of the most sought adult offenders on the run or the run. This link will redirect you to a website with the name and mugshots of every wanted individual in South Dakota. Clicking on a name will display news on the offender's release from the South Dakota Department of Corrections, which details the circumstances and the offenses committed by the sought individual. 

There's also a link to parole absconders on the main website. This platform offers a text document with the names of the person and their parole agents. 

South Dakota DOC Facility Locator 

South Dakota Prisons has a searchable database of prisons in the state of South Dakota. The platform offers information about the incarceration facilities in the state. Such data includes the following: 

This site is not owned or operated by any state government agency, read more.

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