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About Vermont Department of Corrections

Use this website for informational purposes only.

The Vermont Department of Corrections is a state administrative department in the United States responsible for administering correctional institutions, monitoring probation and parolees, and providing advice on crime and juvenile delinquency prevention. This agency operates under the wing of The Vermont Agency of Human Services. Its headquarters are strategically located at The Waterbury State Office Complex in Waterbury. 

Vermont's Department of Corrections is a cutting-edge correctional entity with some of the best facilities and professionals in the industry. Their goal is to keep citizens safe while reintegrating convicts into their communities in a safe manner. 

This Department employs a large number of individuals in different capacities with a common goal to effectively reintegrate state offenders back into the community as reformed and better citizens. In this regard, this Department operates several correctional facilities and a few probation and parole facilities. In these facilities, the offenders are offered rehabilitation and corrective programs to better their lives and turn away from crime.  

Vermont Correctional Institutions 

Vermont's Department of Corrections operates six correctional institutions around the state. 


The Vermont Prison System's Organization 

The Vermont Department of Corrections (VT DOC) is a branch of the larger Vermont Agency of Human Services. It supervises the operations of seven state correctional institutions and manages contracts for prisoner housing with out-of-state facilities.  

In addition, the DOC has 11 field offices spread around the state. The Probation and Parole ("P&P") offices are community-based field offices. Individuals released on furlough, sentenced to days on a work crew, or condemned to the community or home detention are all under their control. Moreover, Vermont includes 41 police detentions, ten county jails, and supervised release institutions. 

Offices of probation and parole 

There are 13 community-based probation and parole offices in Vermont. These are within the Department's administrative authority. The offices are distributed in the following areas: Barre, Bennington, Brattleboro, Burlington, Chelsea (sub-office in Hartford District), Hartford, Middlebury (sub-office to Rutland), Morrisville, Newport, Rutland, St. Albans, St. Johnsbury, and Springfield. 

Vermont Offender Services  

It is a collection of planned activities to aid convicted offenders in danger of reoffending by giving them the tools to flourish in Vermont communities. Treatment may include group and individual therapeutic services, CHSVT education and career preparedness seminars, Vermont Correctional Industries (VCI) work-related opportunities, and other evidence-based activities. Services are provided both in and out of the institution.  

Risk Intervention Services promotes community safety and well-being by providing targeted offender intervention. The VTDOC decides which need areas each offender should focus on using risk assessment tools. Valid and reliable risk assessments measure the danger of future crimes, domestic violence, drug addiction, and sexual assault. Hence, RIS creates customized programs for each participant, considering their strengths and weaknesses using this information. 

Victims' Services: DOC Program for Victims of Crime 

The Victim Services Program offers advisory assistance and direct services to crime victim-survivors. This happens when the criminal in their case is jailed or being monitored in the community by the DOC. Moreover, the Victim Services Program maintains a specialized team of Victim Services Specialists (VSS) whose primary goal is to offer trauma-informed advocacy and support to persons most affected by crime, per the DOC's Mission to deal with the needs of crime victims. 

Vermont victim services include: 

Vermont Automated Notification Service (VANS) 

The Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC) offers VANS. This free service provides custody status information for offenders who are presently detained, jailed, or being monitored in the community by the DOC. Nonetheless, information on an offender's custody status is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year. 

Hence, visit to search for an offender, sign up for automatic alerts, or call 866-976-8267 toll-free (VANS).  

Offender Locator

This program offers the offender locator platform. Hence, utilize the Offender Locator to get the most up-to-date information on current offenders' whereabouts and release dates. 

Other only Victim Assistance services include: 

Assault survivors in Vermont may join The Vermont Network, a statewide membership group of 15 different non-profits. The Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services' mission is to build, maintain, and promote a comprehensive, victim-centered, and trauma-informed system of direct services across Vermont. 

People in Vermont may sign up for the Vermont Automated Notification Service (VAN) as everyone has a right to know an offender's status. Moreover, the Department of Corrections' Victim Notification and Information Service (VAN) is free and private. Call 866-976-8267 (VANS) to inquire about an offender's detention or supervision status or register for notification.  

Vermont Correctional Industries 

The purpose of sentencing criminals to jail is to keep them out of society. This brings out an old debate over whether to safeguard public safety, give criminals a chance to improve, or merely punish them. One thing is certain; most offenders will eventually reintegrate. Nonetheless, these programs help equip ex-offenders to work and contribute to the communities and economy. 

Vermont Correctional Industries (VCI) dominates the state's offender job programs. The Department's General Fund funds VCI. Moreover, all state personnel, prisoner labor, and production costs are paid for via sales. By law, VCI's clients must be federal, state, local, or non-profit entities. These restrictions strike a compromise between protecting private enterprises from unfair competition and helping criminals reintegrate into society.  

VCI has two "central" facilities that house defendants who have been convicted and sentenced. However, convicts seeking work must go through an application and interview process. The industry preserves personnel records to hold workers accountable for their performance and promotion, retention, or dismissal. Typically, VCI employs on average 120 Vermont inmates. 

Inmate Records in Vermont 

Inmate records in Vermont include personal and administrative information on those detained in prisons and jails. These records include biographical information about the prisoner and also information about their booking, imprisonment, and release. Moreover, most of these records are open to the public except for documents that have been sealed or purged. 

Vermont State Prisoner Lookup 

All detainees in Vermont's state-run correctional institutions have their records kept by the Department of Corrections. The offender locator/jail tracker/index/Vermont search tool on the VTDOC website may be used to look for inmate information. Anyone may use this service to look up information on inmates. Information such as their  

Additionally, you may only find inmates by name, alias, or DOC number. Individuals may also use this platform to lookup for released criminals. 

Further, you can choose an inmate's name from the search results to access his/her specific information. Minimum and maximum release dates, prisoner status, and parole officer information are all available. Users may also find the Inmate's ID numbers when using the search tool. 

Vermont DOC Inmate Search 

Inmates serving less than a year are primarily housed in municipal and county prisons. Police departments are in charge of city jails. On the other hand, the Sheriff's Offices are in charge of county jails. Hence, you should visit the county or city website and search for an inmate finder under the police department or Sheriff's Office to locate a prisoner in a county or local jail. 

However, look for the agency's webpage online if the municipal or county website does not include a section dedicated to the local police department or Sheriff's Office. Alternatively, seek the local jail's contact information if you can't locate a prisoner search or a jail roster on this site. You can also inquire about prisoner records by visiting or calling the jail. 

Visit the VT DOC Inmate search website; 

Feed-in the name of the offender you want to search. Alternatively, you can use their VTDOC ID numbers or jacket numbers. 

Vermont Offender Locator 

Visit the Vermont Offender Search website for more information (JailTracker). A list of all Vermont prisoners, detainees, and other judicial system members may be found here. You'll also see a search box where you may type in your first and last name. 

Click the 'Search' button after entering the Vermont inmate's full first and last name. 

On the following page, you'll get a list of all Vermont offenders who fit your criteria. Information on the offender:  

The following additional information about the offender is available:  

There's also a section with case numbers and information on the charges. You can also get more information about individual court cases by registering with VTCourtsOnline. 

This site is not owned or operated by any state government agency, read more.

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