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Updated on: April 26, 2024
Department Name
Wyoming Department of Corrections
1934 Wyott Drive, Suite 100, Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone Number

About Wyoming Department of Corrections

Use this website for informational purposes only.

Wyoming's Department of Corrections is a government agency that has a total dedication to the well-being of offenders and Wyoming residents. It was established in 1991 with its headquarters in Cheyenne. The Department's primary goal is to provide detainees with the opportunity to become productive citizens after completing their sentences. 

It achieves this by providing inmates with incentives, educational classes, mental health programs, life-skills academies, and other rehabilitative programs. To achieve its goals, all its personnel undergo extensive training both before and after being hired by the Department. Its various correctional officers play various roles,  including supervising the confinement of inmates and helping them reform accordingly.  

Wyoming's Prison System Organization Structure 

The WDOC is in charge of the correctional facilities across the state. These include: 

In addition, it oversees 25 Field Services (Probation & Parole) offices spread around the state. The website also has the contact information for these Field Service offices. 

Ideally, there are 75 jails in Wyoming, including 25 county jails, 43 police jails, one regional jail, one town jail, and the five prisons maintained by this department. Moreover, it contracts three adult community corrections centers, including Casper, Cheyenne, and Gillette. In matters of probation and parole, the department has about 25 field offices in every county across the state. 

The Department's History 

Wyoming was admitted to the Union in 1890. Inmates were housed in the Wyoming Territorial Prison in Laramie territory. The state jail at Rawlins started in 1888, although it did not open until 1901. The structure held both male and female convicts and had 104 cells. Female convicts were moved to Colorado to fulfill their sentences in 1909. A new wing with running water and solitary confinement cells was erected in 1950. The current state prison was constructed in 1980, and this facility was in service until 1980. 

Twenty-seven convicts escaped, and one local man was killed during a riot in 1912. In 1936, a gas chamber was constructed, and there were five guys slain there. In 1978, the initial cell block received running water. 

Wyoming voters enacted a constitutional amendment in November 1990 that repealed the Wyoming State Board of Charities and Reform. The old state agency's institutions were split and assigned to other agencies; the Department of Corrections, established in 1991, assumed responsibility for adult correctional facilities and also absorbed the Wyoming Department of Probation and Parole's adult parole operations.  

It has rented jail beds from a private institution in Mississippi since 2019. Due to a shortage of space, female inmates are imprisoned in county jails or one of the state's male prisons. In recent years, average worker turnover has been over 23%. Since 2011, the state has eliminated 180 posts from the system.  

WDOC Adult Community Supervision  

Adult Community Supervision is a post-incarceration or an alternative to imprisonment. It is part of the sentence, and its administration takes place for the entire duration prescribed by the court. Community Supervision includes parole, probation, and recidivism. They release inmates granted parole from prison with conditions of limited freedom, requiring them to become law-abiding citizens, including good behaviors and reporting periodically to the Department of Corrections supervising personnel. Nevertheless, failure to satisfy these requirements can cause a return to prison. 

There are convicted criminals who are required to serve part of their sentence in prisons and then outside "on probation." In other cases, the convicts do not serve jail time but remain under community supervision. All cases grant convicted felons conditional liberty subject to periodic evaluation and restrictions similar to those of parolees.  

The majority of the inmates in the program have crimes against property, mainly theft and burglary, since it challenges them with limited opportunities for employment and decent living standards. This challenge is among the outside factors that drive them to get back into illegal activities.  

The Division of Field Services 

The Division of Field Services is the focal point to the mission and primary functions of the Wyoming DOC through adequate supervision of probationers and parolees within communities. The division's offender management targets offenders' specific needs and risks leading to criminal behavior. It offers services and programs to meet the unique challenges offenders face from prison to communities and those who remain under supervision. 

Wyoming Inmate Records 

These are the Official documentation describing the personal and administrative details of those in Wyoming correctional and detention institutions. The information that is available in these records includes the offender: 

Except for non-confidential data, these materials are open to the public. 

The Public Records Act, Wyoming Statute 16-4-201, enables public information regarding inmates in Wyoming prisons and jails to be accessible. Nonetheless, the public may write requests for prisoner records, including mugshots and book information, and send them to: 

Lindly, Steve. 

Director's Deputy. 

Department of Corrections of Wyoming. 

100 Suite. 

Wyott Drive, 1934. 

82002 Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

Alternatively, contact the WDOC Public Information Office at (307) 777-5889 or send an email to [email protected]. Moreover, you may reach the WDOC at (307) 777-7208 for further information. 

WDOC Inmate Search 

In public safety and following state statutes, WDOC can provide certain offender search information to the public. By making this information available on the offender's locator page, public members access investigative reports for courts and other release granting authorities. And developing partnerships with victims, community members, and public and private agencies to meet the Department's mission in a meaningful and cost-effective manner. 

The minimum inmate search necessary for access to information is a DOC inmate number or the first two letters of the prisoner's last name. Furthermore, the additional search options can help narrow the results. Their name identifies offenders in the database as it appears in official court documents. 

If they submit both WDOC Inmate Number and last name, they will use the DOC Inmate Number in the search. 

Users should fill in the following fields on the offender locator page while conducting an inmate search: 

While the WDOC updates inmate's information periodically, there may be errors and omissions. The Department requires the site visitors to keep visiting the site to see if any changes have occurred. 

Wyoming Offender Locator 

The WDOC keeps track of all prisoners and offenders in state prisons and those on probation or parole. The WDOC offers an offender finder to help locate these convicts. Hence, the public may use this search engine to search the database by prisoner number or last name.  

The database recognizes prisoners by their full names as they appear in official court papers. Hence, to perform the inmate search, you have to indicate their names as they appear in their case files.  

Hence, feed in the relevant information, and search feedback will appear to conduct the inmate search. 

Wyoming State Prisoner Lookup 

Individuals may also lookup for prisoners in state prisons. To perform the search, users must utilize the state prisoner offender finder. This search tool is available on the state prison's websites. Hence, to look up prisoners, users search for convicts by age and gender using the offender finder, in addition to their names. 

This tool allows you to look up information about jailed and out-of-state monitored offenders. Out-of-state criminals who are supervised would be categorized as "Interstate Compact." Inmates who are being held out of state will have their location labeled as "In Custody." 

However, it is essential to note that the Wyoming State Prisoner lookup platform only has information on inmates in the state prisons. Hence, if your loved one is not in state prison, you may find them using the city or city jails websites. 

Wyoming County Jails Inmate Search 

The county sheriffs of Wyoming are in charge of the county prisons. Each Wyoming county jail offers an inmate locating feature on the county's or Sheriff's Office's websites. Visit the jail parts of these websites to utilize the prisoner locator tools to find inmates in Wyoming county jails. 

However, if a prisoner locating tool isn't accessible on the county or Sheriff's Office website, look for the county jail's contact information. The jail's physical, postal, email addresses, and phone numbers are typically included in this contact information. 

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