We serve the role of providing the public with convenient access to concise and validated prison information. The Alleghanysheriff site also works hard to advocate for constant improvements in the U.S prison system.

Alleghanysheriff.Org is over one decade old, having started its operations in 2008. We have been growing in significant leaps throughout these years while fostering excellent relationships with the local community.

We strive to help the average person search for information on any individuals in prison. There is a severe compromise in the availability of helpful information to learn more about prison systems.

Alleghanysheriff uses various measures to ensure the public can access legitimate prison information including:

  • Maintaining affiliations with various municipal, state, and federal agencies.
  • Reviewing the prison databases regularly for conciseness and quality.
  • Ensure the full-time availability of the website without issues such as downtimes due to traffic.
  • Provide tools and solutions people can use to convenient search for inmates.

Our Mission

The mandate we have is to handle lots of data from prison systems. Over time, we have optimized our data analysis procedures and developed various exciting insights. These insights have played a significant role in providing helpful and concise information to our users.

Aside from keeping records of inmates, we also have an open platform for prisoners and their close acquaintances to share ideas. Giving such parties “a voice” is essential for reforms and transparency in the prison system.

Our open platform allows certified prisoners to share their stories about their experiences in the American Jail System. We have collected lots of valuable data through this approach, which has had a significant impact on prisoner reforms.

We also work based on specific values to ensure the best experiences for our users and prisoners, including:

  • Formalism ensures each staff member acts based on a specific set of standards and values.
  • Ethics ensures each staff member handles any personal or public data with lots of care.
  • Determination, where we strive to give helpful and transparent information solutions constantly.

Using the Inmate Locator Tool

Searching for records individually is always a hassle, mainly because these records get regular updates. That is why Alleghanysherfiff.org has a simple tool to search for more information about a particular prisoner.

However, while we have several tools for information search, we only provide such resources for ethical purposes. The law prohibits anyone from misusing the records in our database through various constitutional amendments.