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Updated on: February 22, 2024
Department Name
Illinois Department of Corrections
1301 Concordia Court, P.O. Box 19277, Springfield, IL 62794-9277
Phone Number
(217) 558-2200/ 2008

About Illinois Department of Corrections

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The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) is a multiracial organization that values diversity, equality, and inclusion. The department's operations, personnel, rules & procedures, and training all reflect this dedication. This is the state department in charge of the adult prison system. It accommodates incarcerated individuals and offers them the necessary services and programs in various state facilities. Its headquarters are in Springfield and are run by a director appointed by the Governor. 

Since 1970, the IDOC was the sole custodian of the state's prisons, juvenile institutions, and parole agencies. However, on July 1, 2006, the juvenile prisons system was separated and placed under the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice, becoming an independent entity. 

The Illinois Department of Corrections comprises of different units that work together to ensure the wellbeing of inmates and the safety of the community. These units feature the following: 

Illinois DOC Industries  

The goal of Illinois Correctional Industries (ICI) is to prepare inmates for effective reentry into society. These industries are self-sufficient, bearing production and operation costs independent of the state government or federal government. The profits from the sale of ICI's items are used to fund the company's operations. ICI has programs in 16 Illinois Department of Corrections facilities that create products and services. Food, milk, juice, clothes, office and university equipment, eyeglasses, beds and pillows, and also dog training services are just a few of the items and services available. 

ICI focuses on teaching individuals in jail the skills they need to be successful in their rehabilitation and reintegration into society. More than 950 men and women engage in productive work environments that help them build valuable skills and work habits. These men and women go to work every day and learn to communicate with people in various scenarios. However, correctional officers closely supervise them and teach them new skills and success tactics. These prisoners prepare themselves for post-release jobs by developing these work habits. 

However, for institutions to accept these individuals, they must display excellent conduct. Moreover, they have enough time remaining on their sentence to complete the programming to qualify as an ICI worker successfully. 

Illinois Department of Corrections Advisory Board 

The Illinois Compiled Statutes create an advisory board for the agency. Chapter 730 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/3-2-6 establishes the Adult Advisory Board, which comprises nine people selected by the Governor for a six-year term. Ex-officio members of the Board include the Director and Assistant Director. 

The Board advises the Director on Department policies and programs relating to the custody, care, study, discipline, training, and treatment of people in state correctional facilities and the care and supervision of those on parole.  

Women Offenders Subcommittee 

The Subcommittee on Women Offenders advises the Advisory Board and the Director on all Department policy and program concerns about women in state prisons. It also deals with the care and monitoring of women on parole. The Subcommittee consists of three Advisory Board members chosen by the Chairperson. The Subcommittee meets at least quarterly and as needed. 

Illinois DOC Procurement Department 

The Illinois Procurement Bulletin's "Illinois Bid" section lists all procurements let by the Illinois Department of Corrections that surpass the Small Purchase level and are subject to the Procurement Code. 

Illinois DOC Victims Services Unit 

The Victims Services Unit provides information, assistance, and support to victims of crimes whose offenders are in IDOC custody or control. In addition, this Unit strives for decency, compassion, and discretion. 

The Victim Services Unit works with other victim assistance organizations, departments, and groups to strengthen victim rights in Illinois. Moreover, this Unit provides a resource for victims and their families.  

Victim Notification Types 

Victims and victim advocates can obtain information about an IDOC offender by: 

Victims may be notified through the Illinois AVN Program or the Illinois Prisoner Review Board. In addition, the Victim Services Unit advises both registrations. 

The Illinois AVN is a statewide program that empowers and protects crime victims. Illinois AVN is a toll-free, bi-lingual telephone service that provides information on offender custody, case status, and automated notification of any changes to those who register. An offender's name, offender id number, and birth date are required to register for notice. 

The Illinois Prisoner Review Board (PRB) 

The Illinois PRB sets an offender's parole or mandatory supervised release terms. Moreover, it is the second sort of victim notification. Before the offender's release from the Illinois Department of Corrections, the PRB issues a notice letter to the victim. 

Registration with the PRB is crucial because it allows the Board to identify registered persons as victims of the criminal. The Department Unit contacts victims ahead to hearings as a result of this. Hence, if a victim wishes to seek unusual parole terms, they should write to the Board. 

Stopping an Offender's Mail and Phone Contact 

The victims in Illinois who wish to prohibit emails and calls from their offenders may do so by filling out the Mail Cease and Phone Restriction Request form. They should then send the form to the offender's current incarceration facility. 

To perform an Illinois Prison Lookup, Individuals can visit the Illinois DOC Facilities' Website to lookup a facility in Illinois. On the other hand, you may call the IDOC Parole Division at 800-666-6744 to discontinue communication with an offender who is presently on parole. 

Jail and Detention Standards Unit 

The Jail and Detention Standards Unit's objective is to ensure that Illinois County Jail Standards, Illinois Municipal Jail, Lockup Standards, and the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Act are followed. 

The Unit was formed by state legislation 730 ILCS 5/3-15-2. The goal of monitoring is to create uniform procedures in detention institutions that benefit the general public, detention personnel, and prisoners' health and safety. In addition, the Unit offers support and services to aid in the development of these practices. 

In addition, the Unit gathers inmate population information from county prisons every month and from municipal jails quarterly. This information is stored in a database and provided to the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority annually. 

How to Obtain Illinois State Prison Inmate Records 

The IDOC can provide you with records on people who have been detained in state-run correctional facilities. Moreover, it makes records and prisoner information available to the public in a variety of ways. Moreover, those interested in obtaining records can contact the IDOC at (212) 558-2200.  

Residents may also use the Illinois DOC offender locator tool to look for inmate records. It enables you to search by last name, birthdate, or IDOC number. Admission, release, and discharge information, as well as data on the inmate's physical profile, are all included in the search results. Sentence information, including the inmate's sentence status, crime, and imprisonment date, is also available to the public. 

Furthermore, the IDOC manages an online list of most sought fugitives and outstanding warrants. This platform facilitates prisoner lookup in the state. It also provides the fugitive's name, picture, and status as an offender. 

Moreover, the Illinois DOC's primary mission is to improve public safety and serve justice in Illinois by encouraging positive behavior change, running effective reentry programs, and minimizing victimization. 

Illinois DOC Inmate Search 

You may look for convicts in Illinois state prisons using the IDOC inmate search. 

Enter an inmate's name, IDOC number, and birthdate in the search box below, then click "Search." 

Nonetheless, if you cannot locate the prisoner, you can contact the Department of Corrections at 217-558-2200 for assistance. Or request a copy from: 

Illinois Department of Corrections– Springfield; 

Address: 1301 Concordia Court. 

P.O. Box 19277, Springfield, IL 62794-9277. 

Contact Number: (217) 558-2200. 

Or through The Illinois Department of Corrections in Chicago; 

Address: 100 West Randolph, Chicago, IL 60601. 

Contact Number: (312) 814-6660. 

However, to search an inmate, you have to indicate how you want to search for the inmate. Illinois State Prisoner Lookup has three methods. Search by: 

Illinois DOC Sex Offender Search 

The Sex Offender search website was established to make it easier to find publicly accessible information on those convicted of sex crimes. The major goal of making this information public and accessible is to make it as simple as possible. Consequently, anyone who uses this information to perpetrate a crime against someone else will face criminal charges. 

To perform a search, individuals have two options. Search by 

County, City, or Zip Code 

When using this option, an individual must enter the County name, city, or actual zip code. 

Release Date or Date Range 

Users must either feed in the correct date using the yy/mm/dd format when using this option. On the other, if they are unsure of the correct date, they may estimate the date range. Hence they can perform the search. They may receive the search result by indicating how they want the website to sort these results. They may sort either by: 

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